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Since 1992, PAVE Global's mission has been to mentor, inspire, and connect student designers to the extraordinary professional world of creating and designing consumer environments.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, PAVE has developed an all-new award to recognize and honor emerging student visionaries who are expected to revolutionize the industry with their innovative ideas and designs, making a positive impact on the world.


All submissions will be judged blindly by a panel of industry professionals. Three students will be selected to receive the following:

  • $7,500 cash prize

  • An invitation to attend the 2023 PAVE Gala to network with Industry Professionals and be honored for this award. Travel, hotel, and per diem will be covered.

  • $1,000 to the student's school/department or educator for travel to attend the 2023 PAVE Gala (to be determined by the school or department).



Students will prepare and submit (3) 11"x 17" boards containing their own pre-existing, relevant, design work following the outlined process and criteria.


STEP 1 - Pick one of your projects that embodies one of the following sub-topics:

  • Human and Community Connection

  • Sustainability

  • Cultural Awareness/DEI

  • Universal Design

  • Educational Innovations

If you are unsure if your project falls under one of the above sub-topics, please contact us at and we'd be happy to provide guidance.

STEP 2 - Create (3) 11” x 17” boards per the following criteria (important note: the same one project is to be used for all three boards):

  • Board 1: 

    • Design/project title

    • Project imagery: graphic elements of the selected project

    • Project Inquiry: Which sub-topic was addressed and how? Why are you interested in this topic?


  • Board 2: 

    • Design/project title

    • Project imagery: graphic elements of the selected project

    • Project Inquiry: Did you learn anything unexpected during the process?


  • Board 3: 

    • Design/project title

    • Project imagery: graphic elements of the selected project

    • Project Inquiry: Do you think you accomplished your goals and how?

STEP 3 - Submit your entry by Monday, Nov. 6, 2023. by 11:59 PM ET/8:59 PM PT.

  • Reminder: Double-check your entry materials against the Submission Requirements before submitting your entry through Submittable.


  • PAVE utilizes a blind judging system, the student's name and/or school may not appear anywhere on the (3) project boards.

  • Boards should be submitted as PDFs in 11x17 landscape (horizontal) format. 

  • Must include a complete copy of your current transcript (official or unofficial).**

  • All submissions and supporting documents must be submitted through the Submittable platform.

  • All applications must be received by Monday, November 6, 2023, by 11:59 PM ET/8:59 PM PT to be considered.

** Transcripts are utilized by PAVE administration to confirm your eligibility to participate as a current student. Transcripts will not be visible to judges on the review panel.​​​


  • Student must be enrolled in a 2 to 4-year undergraduate or graduate program working toward a degree in design, architecture, or visual merchandising with an interest in pursuing a career creating and designing consumer environments.​

  • Student must be a full-time student, enrolled in at least 12 credit hours or equivalent.​

  • Student must be located and studying within North America.

If you are unsure if you are eligible to participate, please contact us at


For the quickest answers, check the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question is still unanswered, please contact us at

Sumission Requiremens
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