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Since 1992 it has been PAVE's mission to connect students, educators, and professionals who support the design industry in a vibrant, meaningful, and mentoring format. This vital connection encourages industry dialogue and the enrichment of curricula. 

The year 2020 allowed us to revisit a long-time goal and launch a series of virtual learning events known as "
PAVE Coffee Chats" (daytime chats) and "PAVE Fireside Chats" (evening chats). Working in partnership with our education and industry partners, we are continuing to develop programs to supplement current course content and help bring today’s virtual classrooms the same wonder, engagement and excitement felt by students in traditional classes and studios. 
While the goal was to create something casual, fun and educational for students, many educators, and industry professionals find PAVE's Chats to be a beneficial tool and "continuing education" opportunity.

If you have a suggestion for a PAVE Chat topic or would like to participate as a speaker or panelist, please contact us at We'd love to hear from you!

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