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Android Password Manager Apps

No matter how intelligent you are or how sharp your brains are, it is challenging to remember all the onsite passwords unless they are securely stored using some of the best applications. It is always better to use any one of the password managers and generate a master password to sign. And don’t forget to use most reliable vpn for android. In to different websites without letting the hackers to get access to your secured data and information. It is better to stay safe and secure than to be casual to avoid intrusion in your accounts.

1. SafeInCloud

If you are looking for an app that uses 256 bit AES encryption for protecting your passwords in your Android mobile, then SafeInCloud is one of the best choices. This password manager allows saving and syncing secrets passwords in a cloud service like Onedrive, DropBox, Google Drive, and many other cloud servers. One can use their desktop app for using in Mac or Windows operating platform.

It also helps to generate strong passwords for your accounts that are strong yet easy to remember. The app also prompts the estimated time and the ease of cracking your password. Any password you save using this app, it will reflect the strength of the same. It is a very user-friendly Android password manager.

2. Enpass Password Manager

This password manager has a free as well as a premium version. The former works much better when compared to some other premier version password manager. No other sign in is required apart from creating and using the master password. They allow saving all your passwords to one database and storing it in the some of the best cloud services. One can use the inbuilt password generator and use their browser to surf the websites. Fingerprint login, autofill and auto lock features are included in Enpass password manager for Android. The basic version application is free without any advertisement.

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