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scanR -- primetime and front page news in Japan

The scanR launch with au/KDDI went amazingly well. The media really likes scanR and gave us fantastic coverage. There were quite a few articles, but two of the best were a front page article and a primetime TV news show.

scanR made the front page of the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, a leading business newspaper.

Here's an excerpt translated in English:

"Digitalization by mobile phones - for name cards and documents by U.S. ScanR. U.S. ScanR, a network related ser vice provider, started a service that enables mobile phones to take and convert photo data of name cards, printed documents, noted whiteboards, into digital documents and can also perform data management."

scanR was featured on World Business Satellite, a top-rated news program from Tokyo TV.

They demonstrated scanR with Japanese fax, whiteboards and business card scanning.

scanR for Android released

Many of you have been patiently waiting for Android support - it's here now! scanR Business Center for Android is now available in the link or Android Market. Pick up your Android phone and check it out. Android phones with an auto-focus camera will be supported.

Reading this post on your Android phone? Then get it in the market now, visit our website.

scanR Business Card Scanner for iPhone released

We've taken our server-based business card processing service and made it available through the iPhone! Check out scanR's new product, Business Card Scanner, in the iTunes store. Run the app, take a picture of a business card, and receive a vcard (.vcf file) by email. You can easily import the attachment into your contact list! It's designed to work with North American business cards. Let us know what you think at our website!

The scanR Difference

There are a lot of scanning products out there for mobile phones today. What's the difference between all of the 'Scanner' apps out there? Here's what some of our customers have to say:

The blog Lawyer's Success Tips, by Dan Pinnington:

"There are other apps like ScanR (such as DocScanner and JotNot) and they cost less, but you’ll be happier paying the price for this one..... I’ve tested this from business cards to old magazine articles, and I have not been disappointed yet."

Nathan Rome, Director at M/C/C Marketing recalls:

"There’s nothing worse than using the hotel “business” room’s fax machine or scanner – that’s assuming it actually works. With FaxR you can avoid the nightmarish experience altogether. Simply take a picture of whatever document you need to scan or fax and ScanR will convert it to a PDF or text file for you to use."

We believe the biggest difference is the results. scanR does much more than package a lightly enhanced photo into a PDF. Our processing truly turns the photos of documents into PDFs that look like they come from a flatbed scanner.

Give it a try. Take a picture of a document and use it with scanR as well as with another product. Tell us what you think about our app at scanR website.

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