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On The #RICE23 Show Floor: The PAVE Global Student Design Challenge

This article was originally published on Thursday, May 4, 2023, via

Want to meet the future leaders of store design and visual merchandising? Want to see how emerging talent interprets brand stories and executes immersive experiences? The Retail Innovation Conference & Expo show floor is the place to be because we’ll spotlight these creative minds in partnership with PAVE Global! Student Design Challenges are a core component of the PAVE Global offerings. They are an incredible vehicle to challenge student members and give them the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of industry leaders and practitioners. For the official #RICE23 Student Design Challenge, PAVE Global is partnering with goodMRKT and Vertical Ledge.

About goodMRKT

goodMRKT is a purpose-driven community of brands. At its core, goodMRKT is a retailer and café concept where consumers can discover brands and creators that are making a difference in the world. For example, through its various partnerships, goodMRKT has eliminated 447 pounds of plastics from water, fed children more than 2,600 meals, and donated more than 1,990 blankets to shelters. In addition to its café store concept and e-commerce site, goodMRKT also has a podcast and book to showcase the incredible brands, and causes, they support.

About The Challenge

The objective of this student-led challenge is to design a one- to two-sided floor display unit for a trade show in a 10×10 space, including brand stories, merchandise, and storage. The display should showcase artisanal items from two socially responsible companies. Students will get to select one brand, while goodMRKT is the other brand. Additional details about the brands that need to be featured are provided in the challenge design brief. The final design must be visually compelling, and socially responsible and drive consumers to purchase from these socially driven companies. They also need to follow specific material usage guidelines and protocols aligning with pop-up execution.

After the best design is chosen, the official Challenge sponsor Vertical Ledge will work directly with the students in a mentoring role to translate their intentions into a prototype. These prototypes will be displayed prominently in the PAVE Global booth at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE), in Chicago, from June 13-15, 2023.

Additionally, the winning student(s) will also receive an invitation to attend RICE (flight, hotel, and per diem covered) where they will be recognized for their achievement at the PAVE Bash, get to participate in exciting educational sessions, make new professional connections, and see their design brought to life. Students have until May 15, 2023, to submit their design concept.

We cannot wait to see what the student community submits. Most of all, we cannot wait to see how these concepts come to life on our expo floor! Want to see these new ideas in action? Join us at the event and capitalize on some big savings. If you register for an All-Access Pass before May 18, you’ll save $500 on your ticket. Plus, you’ll get access to three days of incredible content featuring brands like Ritual, Timberland, PUMA and so many more! Register and join our community to discover what’s next in connected commerce.


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