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2022 PAVE Student Aid Program Awards 15 Students with Financial Aid Grants

The PAVE Global Student Aid Program has awarded $15,000 in Financial Aid Grants to 15 student designers in need for Fall 2022. To make a more meaningful impact, for the first time, all recipients were awarded the full $1,000 each.

The PAVE Student Aid Program, now in its twelfth year, supports students around the world, studying retail design, interior design, architecture, visual merchandising, industrial design, UX/UI design, graphic design, product design, and similar programs that prepare them for careers related to the creation of consumer environments.

The program was developed to help ensure a future talent pool for the industry by eliminating barriers to studying in these fields. The funds assist students experiencing financial difficulties that may prevent them from continuing school. The intent is to provide for basic needs such as food, housing, books, tuition, health insurance, medical bills, utilities, transportation, etc.

Applications are reviewed by a panel of industry volunteers and funds are distributed based on the level of need.

The PAVE Student Aid Program is primarily funded by monthly donations from PAVE’s Champions of Design and other fundraising activities throughout the year.

PAVE's Scholarship, Student Aid, and Student Experience Programs have proudly granted over $276,500 to students globally over the last five years.


About PAVE,

Founded in 1992 as The Planning and Visual Education Partnership, PAVE Global is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, with all proceeds benefitting PAVE’s educational programs. The organization enables young talent to build successful careers designing and creating consumer environments. Our vision is to cultivate relationships with students, educators, and the design industry through financial assistance, top-industry thinking, inspiration, and mentorship.


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