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An ESA is often recommended by the mental health specialist who after a detailed analysis of the mental health conditions of a person, recommends an ESA. The doctor writes a recommendation letter and signs it when he or she finds the person qualified to get an ESA. The document written and then signed by the medical specialist is referred to as an ESA Letter. Viewing the statistics and analyzing them reveals that a very large number of people are suffering from various mental disorders worldwide. Being human beings, we need someone to accompany us through thick and thin and support us emotionally in our tough times. This has led to the creation of the concept of an emotional support animal (ESA).

An ESA dog, cat, fish, rat, rodent, ferret, etc are used to give companionship, relieve symptoms of mental disorders, and provide comfort in times of distress to their owners. These pets provide the much-needed spark of optimism and positivity in the life of their mentally suffering owners that brings them out of the darkness of mental issues.

This letter gives a person with the pet, now designated as an ESA, many special privileges that an ordinary pet owner does not have. The esa letter for housing allows to keep the ESA in the houses without pet rent or even in societies where the landlord does not allow a pet. Similarly, the ESA letter for traveling allows the pet to be taken on a flight although ordinary pets are not allowed on planes.

If you think you have a certain condition that can make you qualified for an ESA or if you have decided to get one, or you already own one, then make sure that you have this legal document (emotional support animal letter).

However, with the sudden boom of the ESAs, there are many service providers, companies that are promising a hustle-free provision of ESA letters. Amid all this scenario, there is a great likelihood that the ESA letters given are not legit and a part of a fraud service. So, if you have a letter or are applying for it, how can you be sure that the one you have been provided with is a legit one?

If you are struggling to find the answer to this question, then read further because this article will feature some key things to notice in your ESA documentation or letter to identify if it is legit or fake.

The first question you might ask is whether there exists an online service that provides legit ESA letters or not? The answer is yes. There surely exist many online services that provide ESA letters that are not fake, however, the ones giving fake letters are in abundance too. Therefore, you have to be very careful with selecting an online service to get your letter.

Then you might ask why these online scams exist in the very first place, or why the fake ESA letters have become a thing? So there are two major reasons for this. First of all, the popularity and the enormous benefits provided by ESAs and the increase in the prevalence of mental disorders have created a huge market for ESAs and ESA letters providers.

Secondly, many people only know the benefits of ESAs and nothing about laws of getting an ESA, and the lack of clarity results in such people making wrong choices while getting an ESA or a letter. Additionally, people have started to rely more on online services and hence, they prefer them without even knowing if they are fake or real for their own convenience.

So once a person gets to know that not all companies providing the emotional support animal letter are legit, then the next step is to find out the ones giving legit letters. The key point is any company that gives letters without proper sessions with a consultant expert in mental health, is for sure a scam. The ESAs are only recommended after the proper checkups by the mental health expert like a psychologist, psychiatrist, etc, and are signed by them too.

These sessions with the healthcare professional may be carried out online but skipping them in the very first place is a huge red flag regarding the ESA letters provided by such a company. So never go to the service providers that do not have collaboration with the certified healthcare professional having expertise in mental sciences.

The other thing to look for in a company If you want to make sure that the letter you get is a legit one is that it does not promise an instant delivery of the ESA recommendation letter. This is because the procedure is a medicolegal one and at least takes 2 to 3 weeks. Therefore, if you got your letter in one day or two or even within a week, then rest assured that the letter is a fake one.

Moreover, a cost too high or too low is also a danger sign that the letter you will get will be fake. The ESA letters often expire after one year of issuance especially for travel permits. Hence anyone that offers a lifetime or forever letter is providing a fake service.

The letter must be written on the letterhead of a licensed healthcare professional, with their contact information and license number written too. Also, check if the license of the professional is still operational or has expired. It should also mention the certificate ID number of the ESA animal.

If the letter you got contains all of this and the company meets all the requirements to be a real service provider then only you can be 100% sure that the letter you have got or are going to get is legit. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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