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Visual Merchandiser

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Position Locations

NYC - Part-Time/On-Call

Company Overview

As a creative agency rooted in the principles and practice of visual merchandising, we provide solutions for brand activation through visual strategy and development, planning, sourcing, implementation, and hands-on execution, bringing life to consumer experiences across all platforms. Employing the best visual merchandisers and designers, we’re your resource to create a visual experience that elevates your space to the next level, drives consumer traffic, and increases sales.

Founded in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio, by creative directors and visual merchandising experts Joe Baer and Paul Cook, ZenGenius was built on the belief that our unique talents are an opportunity and a gift to help the world through visual merchandising.

More than 20 years later, ZenGenius has built an extensive network of visual merchandisers, creative directors, stylists, and designers, who constantly question, tinker, and challenge the status quo to bring life to your brand through visual experiences.

Position Overview

A Visual Merchandiser works with ZenGenius’ clients to support a variety of visual merchandising projects. Please note that hours may fluctuate from week to week, as this is part-time/on-call work.

  • Participate in company floor sets and walk-through preparation

  • Install visual product & fixture displays

  • Assemble, dress and style mannequins and bust forms

  • Hang and install signs and displays by use of hand and power tools

  • Vinyl installations (small decals)

  • Ensure all products and decor are handled properly and the workspace is kept clean and functional at all times

  • Must demonstrate an eye for detail

  • Must be able to follow instructions

  • Must be reliable & avoid last-minute cancellations whenever possible

  • Associate’s degree or equivalent

  • 3+ years of retail experience

  • Ability to work in a freelance capacity, and be comfortable with a schedule that varies on a weekly basis

  • Ability to travel including overnights, as needed

  • Flexibility in schedule and availability

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team environment

  • Ability to follow client’s visual merchandising standards

  • Must have visual merchandising skills

  • Must be able to creatively problem-solve

  • Basic knowledge of hand tools and power tools

  • Awareness of industry trends and emerging merchandising strategies

  • Must communicate timely and effectively, both verbal and written

  • Must have client-facing professionalism

  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds

  • Physical requirements include the ability to twist, bend, squat, reach, climb a ladder, and stand for extended periods of time, including repetitive use of upper extremities

  • Photography skills are a plus

  • Proficiency in computer programs is a plus

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