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The Inaugural Ingenious Scholarship Recipient Announced

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hollywood, Fla. (March 17, 2021)The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) in collaboration with ZenGenius, Inc. has awarded Naomi Lytle from Appalachian State University as the 2021 Ingenious Scholarship recipient. This scholarship recognizes and supports leadership potential in the Visual Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising, Retail Merchandising, Interior Design and Hospitality Management fields through a $2,500 scholarship.

Excerpt from the portfolio of Naomi Lytle

"In collaboration with PAVE, ZenGenius, Inc. would like to congratulate Naomi Lytle from Appalachian State University as the recipient of the 2021 Ingenious Scholarship. We extend our appreciation to all of the talented design students from colleges and universities across the United States and Canada who submitted applications to the 1st annual ZenGenius Scholarship with PAVE. ZenGenius, Inc., would like to recognize Naomi and support her "dream of designing more effective and safe retail experiences and diverse/inclusive workplaces” and her “hopes to inspire other people of color to join our community.” ZenGenius proudly supports her vision and contributes to a brighter future for all of us by awarding Naomi with the very 1st ZenGenius “INGENIOUS” scholarship," said Joe Baer, Co-Founder and CEO at ZenGenius, Inc.

Excerpt from the portfolio of Naomi Lytle

The PAVE Scholarship Program, now in its eleventh year, provides financial assistance to students in educational programs preparing them for careers in the retail environments industry, including but not limited to careers in retail design, visual merchandising, interior design, architecture, and industrial design industries. PAVE was developed to help ensure a future talent pool for the industry by eliminating barriers to studying in these fields. The funds assist students who are experiencing financial difficulties that may prevent them from continuing school. PAVE has awarded students with over $211,500 in financial grants and scholarships in the past three years.

Excerpt from the portfolio of Naomi Lytle

About ZenGenius, Inc.,

As a creative agency rooted in the principles and practice of visual merchandising, we provide solutions for brand activation through visual strategy and development, planning, sourcing, implementation and hands-on execution, bringing life to consumer experiences across all platforms. Employing the best visual merchandisers and designers, we’re your resource to create visual experiences that elevate your space to the next level, drive consumer traffic and increase sales. Founded in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio by creative directors and visual merchandising experts, Joe Baer and Paul Cook, ZenGenius was built on the belief that our unique talents are an opportunity and a gift to help the world through visual merchandising. More than 20 years later, ZenGenius has built an extensive network of visual merchandisers, creative directors, stylists and designers, who constantly question, tinker and challenge the status quo to bring life to your brand through visual experiences.

About PAVE,

Founded in 1992, the Planning and Visual Education Partnership's (PAVE) objective is to encourage students to study in the field of retail design and planning and visual merchandising. Additionally, PAVE seeks to encourage retail management, store planners, visual merchandisers, architects, and manufacturers to interact with and support design students. These objectives are accomplished through competitions, projects, seminars, workshops, and grants and scholarships funded by the annual Gala and other fundraising activities. PAVE is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation.

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