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Diploma in Chinese

To understand the main properties and essence of a particular national language - first of all, to understand its position among other world dialects, that is, to define it in the concepts of classifications. When building them, specialists are mainly based on an essential factor that is projected onto absolutely all intellectual levels.

The Chinese language is one of the most complex in the world, which includes 7 large dialect groups, automatically subdivided into certain local syllables. The typological features of the Chinese language are quite multifaceted, as they officially number more than 30 centuries. For several centuries, it was this language that developed quite isolatedly, and did not depend on Western foundations. That is why Chinese characters are of great interest to linguists. But sometimes it's too complicated and one might wonder who could help me with my essay...?

The meaning of ancient Chinese in the concept of dialectical classification

The phonetics of the Chinese language is extremely difficult for the perception of people living in the rest of the world, in addition to Asia. To calculate the place of this language in modern typology, one must first study it in genealogical systematization, comparing it with related language groups. In this case, the scientific works of Yakhontov S.E. were taken as the foundation. and his short story "Sino-Tibetan languages". Today, many students study the grammar of the Chinese language, which is considered the most in demand, and people who know it perfectly have high-paying jobs. It is practically determined that the following languages ​​can be attributed to the Sino-Chinese macrofamily:

• North Caucasian - are part of the Nakhko-Dagestan family;

• Sino-Tibetan system;

• Yenisei type of languages;

• the Na-Dene language family, Burushasi and Basque.

The specifics of the thesis in Chinese

If you decide to complete such a difficult task on your own, without anyone's help, pay attention to the following aspects that it is advisable to indicate in the work:

• Phonetics of the Chinese language and its specificity;

• Chinese characters and their correct application;

• Chinese grammar;

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