Vice President, Creative & Marketing

Position Location

Los Angeles, CA

Company Overview

SILVESTRI CALIFORNIA, based in Los Angeles, CA was established in 1934 and has history as a visual company spanning nearly 90 years. Originally based in Hollywood, we specialized in the creation of props and decoratives for the movie industry, and the evolution as a company has continued to include the design, development, and manufacturing of mannequins, forms, decorative elements, fixtures, furniture, and high-end countertops for both the retail and hospitality industries.

Our factory is tiered into two distinct parts - design development and domestic production in Los Angeles and our exclusive manufacturing partnership in Guangzhou, China. All design development and prototypes are created, produced, and controlled in Los Angeles. We aspire for both facilities to be mirror images of each other in terms of quality control, value, and service.


Position Description

Establish and maintain creative ownership for Silvestri California to continue to lead the industry with signature designs, compelling custom-manufactured products, and brand marketing to elevate the customers' in-store shopping experience.


  • Masters/Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, Fine Art, Architecture, or Industrial Design

  • Proficient in AutoCAD, Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

  • Skill in Designing fixtures, furniture, decorative items, signage, and graphic arts programs

  • Work with vendors to design, prototype, order, and execute installations

  • Familiar with the Retail Industry, Visual Merchandising, Store Design, Industrial Design, and Industry Trade shows